Baltimore Pole Artists (BPA) is a local pole dance company focusing on pole fitness and community. We are a group of fitness professionals who train in the Baltimore area.  We produce and perform in events in the area and support all forms of fitness.  All are welcome join; we meet once a month at a local establishment determined by the group.

Pole Fitness is no longer a fad but a true physically demanding sport. Like any other sport, the athletes like to train 387087_10100644886209774_1063410957_ntogether in order to be pushed outside our comfort zone and learn new things. BPA started in the house of its founders, as a group of women determined to perform at the peak level. Through positive encouragement and support its members have been part of numerous showcases and competitions. The group now hosts two showcases a year, one in support of their favorite charity and the other to support their favorite sport, pole fitness.  We love our members and hope that you will become involved too!

Home studio

601898_10151871387349745_1073673407_nOur home studio is Vertical Bodies. We practice there on a weekly basis on Sundays. You must be a member of the group in order to practice there due to the limited amout of space. We also practice at other studios in the area and meet at other non fitness related establishments.

We encourage our members to try all studios! For more information about Vertical Bodies visit
To have your studio listed as an affiliated studio contact Kate at