Head Pole Artist: Kate Gero

261258_10200475784752814_1947623937_nKate Gero has been pole dancing for three years. The beauty, grace and strength needed for such a demanding sport was just what she was looking for in a fitness regiment. Over the course of three years she has competed, performed, helped out back stage, cleaned poles and judged pole shows all over the east coast. Kate did not have any prior dance experience and was known as a bit of a tomboy, and now after 3 years her style of sexy fluid movements have become her signature pole voice. Constantly working on transitions and lines she strives to become the best that she can be.

Current Pole Status

  • Founder and Head Pole Artist at Baltimore Pole Artists
  • Creator and organizer of the Charm City Pole Show and Aerial Ink
  • Owner and Instructor at Vertical Bodies

Past Pole Experience

  • Advanced Pole Instructor at Pandora Fitness 2012-2013
  • Advanced Pole Instructor at Xpose Fitness Towson 2011-2012


  • Miss Xpose 2010: 4th Place and Best Costume
  • Miss Xpose 2011: 3rd Place
  • Polesque “A Very Merry Polesque” 2011
  • Miss Virginia Professional Division 2012
  • APFC Elite Division Finalist 2012


  • Xpose Fitness Frightfest: Instructor Showcase 2011Starlight Pole Show 2012
  • Aerial Amy’s Flight Club “Sultry Summer” 2012
  • Supershag Pole Fitness Championship and Showcase 2012
  • Charm City pole Show MC and Performer 2012
  • Aerial Ink MC and Performer 2013
  • DefyinGravity Show 2013

Guest Performances

  • Pandora Fitness Summer Party 2012
  • Xpose Fitness Towson Preliminary 2012

Other Members:

Michele Trimble

IMG_5334Michele Trimble aka Sexi Yoshi has an extensive background in many various forms of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, modern/contemporary, hip-hop, break dancing and housing. She has been poling since 2009 and performed in various showcases and competitions all the way from Boston to Miami earning 5th place in the 2012 Miss Xpose competition, 1st place in the 2013 SPC dramatic level 3 category and 2nd place in the 2013 SPC entertainment level 3 category. As a member of Baltimore Pole Artists (BPA), she is an advocate of promoting pole fitness as an artistic expression and sport.

Stacey Quinn

555063_4891637488627_162741714_nStacey Quinn has grown up around aerial dance and circus arts but it wasn’t until March of 2009 when she discovered her love for pole fitness. Her love of pole quickly escalated and she is now begun to compete and perform along the East Coast. Her obsession with pole fitness has made her into a huge advocate for health and fitness.

Aside from growing up with an aerialist mother, she does not have any dance training (but her mom helps with lots of her routines!) Power moves and tricks are some of her favorite, and she is constantly learning to expand her pole vocabulary. She is currently a student studying Health Science as well as a personal trainer on the side.

Candy and Chrome – Summer 2012
SuperShag Pole Fitness Championship – Fall 2012
Candy and Chrome – Fall 2012
Miss Xpose Preliminaries – Winter 2013

Charm City Pole Show – Fall 2012
Aerial Ink – Spring 2013

Keirsten Anderson

375573_640216342656258_1756380613_nKeirsten has been hitting the pole since 2007. She enjoy’s the athleticism, stamina, grace, flexibility and pure strength it takes to be a pole dancer. Her passion is teaching and watching others thrive at this beautiful and uplifting craft and will do so till the day she leaves this earth:)

Amy Wegener

Amy began pole dancing 4 years ago when a coworker introduced her to Tease Fitness. The idea of using the pole for fitness was out of her comfort zone, but she was very curious! After battling with traditional gym workouts, Amy fell in love with the challenge of pole dancing and found that her love for all forms of fitness began to grow as well. She has found a happy place that consists of pole dancing, the aerial arts, and lifting anything heavy! Having not been from a dance background, these unique and challenging forms of fitness allow her to become confidence in the movement of her body as an adult. Her favorite part is teaching other women and men how to do the same!

TJ Matton

imageTJ started poling in 2009 and like many others, was immediately hooked. She loves the way it weaves strength into sexy to allow each woman to express herself honestly and openly. No matter what skill level you are at, pole gives you the opportunity to dig deeper physically and emotionally while finding joy in yourself and the people around you. While her style evolves, she loves the power of pole and generally wants to be upside down, bouncing, or head banging. Sadly, TJ was hurt in July 2012 and then got knocked up, so she’s eagerly awaiting to jump on that cold pole in August 2013 after a year off! Stay tuned for epic frustration and growth from the ashes.


Our newest member…Baby Steele!

imageTJ recently competed in the production and the 24 hour labor and delivery of a very cute baby girl, Steele. TJ is also healing from a nasty chest tear. However they are both regulars at the gym again and looking forward to poling soon! Welcome baby Steele!

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