Many of our members perform at various functions, events and showcases. Below is a listing of all of the current member activities and performances. Would you like to have BPA perform at your event? Contact Kate at for more information.

Sax Lounge and Bar, Friday and Saturday Night

District of Columbia

Come see Stacey Quinn perform with Candace Delight CANTu

Sax Lounge in DC

Kinetic Poetry October 6

Reading, PA

Come see Michele aka Sexy Yoshi strut her stuff!

Summer Pole Show  August 24th

Dollhouse Pole Fitness Manassas VA

Come out and see Cataerna Lopez perform with the Dollhouse girls!

Doll House Pole Fitness

Candy and Chrome IV September 20th

Come see Kate Gero and Catarena Lopez guest pole performances and this amazing competition! Also Stacey Quinn is competing and Michele is judging! WOW!!! It’s going to be an awesome night!

Candy and Chrome Pole Contest

Pole Pressure’s Polusical Pole-in Rouge October 18th & 19th

Come out and see Catarena Lopez perform with the Pole Pressure girls!