The Get Down, Fells Point

The Get Down is an official sponsor and event host for BPA. They host numerous showcase and events for BPA!

The Get Down is a 2 level DJ oriented space designed by innovative lighting and production designer Scott Chmielewski of DigitalMediaDesigns.net. With an industrial design aesthetic that fuses technology, art and soul, The Get Down provides for an open format event space unlike anything else in the region. From the iconic furniture, the custom designed and eco friendly decor elements to the nearly 40′ tall open space that provides unexpected views throughout the venue, finished with the ability to dynamically and dramatically change the room with the use of immersive color and media, The Get Down can be used as a subtle happy hour tavern, to a unique party for weekly club events and as a fully branded special events space. They are open 8pm-2am, Thursday-Sunday.

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PUSH511 A CrossFit Life, Canton

The owners and trainers of PUSH511 have been HUGE supporters of BPA from the beginning and have helped BPA members shape up and cross train through numerous grueling (yet awesome) workouts! They have also generously donated space for pole practices and workshops thus supporting the BPA mission of community and fitness! So much pole and CrossFit love by all!

PUSH511 is a servant to the community promoting a healthy life through exercise and nutrition while fostering individual confidence, compassion, and team spirit. Life is about PUSHing yourself to new levels both physically and mentally. They are here to help you push yourself to find those levels and then to push past those levels to new unimaginable heights.

If you didn’t know…CrossFit is the Sport of Fitness. CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movement performed at High Intensity. CrossFit is LIFE!

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