Here are your fabulous performers for the second Annual Charm City Pole Show!


Stacey Quinn

1379288_581264998596802_438959588_nStacey Quinn found her love for pole and aerial arts in the spring of
2009. From her first class she was hooked, and is now pursuing her
passion as an instructor and a performer. Power and strength tricks
and combinations are her favorite when it comes to pole, but she is
constantly working to try new tricks and combinations of every style.
Stacey has performed and competed all around the DMV area as well as
Boston and New Jersey. When she isn’t teaching at Vertical Bodies, she
is performing as a pole artist at clubs in Atlantic City and
Washington D.C. or teaching CrossFit. She is currently a student at
Towson University studying health science, and hopes to graduate soon!


Jessica John
Washington DC

VADT03Jessica John is a DC-based aerial performer, coach and choreographer.
The New Orleans native is also the creative director of Vandoux Aerial
Dane Theatre, a contemporary American Circus Company with a viewpoint
in the bayou. She specializes in aerial rope, aerial silks and static
trapeze and currently reaches at Studio 180 Dance in Annapolis MD.




Washington DC

Yuli Ka_Pole PictureAfter years of dancing with various salsa, jazz, and ballet companies,
Yulika was looking for a new challenge and she found it at Pole
Pressure in Washington, DC where she started poling almost two years
ago. Traveling is her other big passion and she likes to explore pole
studios around the world, from Vertical Bodies in Baltimore to places
in California, Germany, and Switzerland.




BekahPolePicBekah was hesitant at first to get into Pole Dance but once she dipped
her toe in the water she was hooked. She loves pole because it is the
best way for her express herself as well as keep her sane and fit. She
thrives off freestyle as it allows her to let go and see where the
music takes her. It’s all about the community and creativity!



New Jersey

Ellie CCPS PhotoEllie has been a member of the pole community for several years now.
She is constantly exploring her own style of moment around with and on
the pole. Ellie looks forward to sharing the product of her most
recent pole journey with the audience tonight.




Rachel Skye

rachel SkyeRachel Skye is an aerial performer, pole fitness instructor,
choreographer and producer of Kinetic Poetry. She inherited the
nickname “Daredevil” early on in her pole dance career for her
fearlessness towards learning new tricks. She began pole dancing in
January of 2009 and started teaching just four months later! Rachel is
a member of Cirque Manikk and the Polekatz Flyers. She performs
regularly for special events and shows and was even featured on VH1
for her pole skills. In 2012, she choreographed a burlesque scene for
the dark short film, “Princess Dancer.” Rachel has trained with some
of the top pole dancers in the world and is currently opening up her
own pole dance fitness studio in Lancaster, PA called Studio Spin.


Ms Vegas
Washington DC

sax girlMs Vegas has travelled here tonight from Pole Pressure DC. She loves
to perform every opportunity she gets and enjoys giving the crowd an
unforgettable show. Sexy, sassy and most importantly, sinful! Ms Vegas
aims to show that bigger is better.




Almond Delight

Almund DelightUyai fell in love with floor work, and then pole fitness back in 2008.
It all started when her BFF introduced her to a pole fitness party,
ever since then, she was hooked! With no prior dance, or gymnastics
experience, Uyai, aka ‘Almond’ fit right in, naturally. With only the
love of staying fit, then adding the love of good music, she
transforms the pole and floor into her only little world of island,
and African moves. Besides pole, she enjoys working full time,
managing a private school of special needs children. She enjoys doing
things for a cause, such as this showcase.


Pole Kitten

Jessica2AJessica is a professional stage manager and lighting designer in the
dc area. She has been poling for 2 years and has loved every minute of
it. She trains at the Pole Pressure studios in Washington, DC and
Jessica is quite honored to be able to participate for the second time
in the Charm City Pole Showcase and be able to dance with such amazing




imageIt will almost be a year from when Lisa first stepped into the Doll
House Pole Fitness studio in Manassas, Virginia. After her first
spin, she was addicted and went to several classes a week, sometimes
up to 2 classes a day. In addition to pole, she is currently learning
spin pole, lyra, and fly gym.She has since been in two showcases hosted by her studio, training for
several others and cannot wait to compete at APC for the first time in
April. She’s quite ecstatic to have been chosen to share her new found
love with you.



Colleen Jolly
Washington DC

Colleen JolyColleen started poling two years ago and was immediately hooked –
despite all the bruises! She loves performing and has performed in two
Pole Pressure Pole-usicals, at the international pole convention and
for several local competitions. She also loves traveling while meeting
new pole friends and has taken classes in London, UK; Lima, Peru;
Brisbane, Australia; and all around the US.





SuziSuzi found her passion for pole dancing 3 years ago when she attended
a class as a joke, and well just like most, she fell in love at that
first spin. She quickly realized that pole dancing was not only a form
of dance, but also a hell of a workout. It takes a lot of effort to
look effortless. In the past year she seriously entered the
competition world, where she won Pole Princess 2012 at Miss Xpose
Preliminaries in Annapolis and currently holds the title for Miss Head
Over Heels 2012. Suzi recently became an instructor at Xpose Fitness
where she continues to train and share her love for pole with her


Carmen01My name is Carmen Scannell. I have been pole dancing for almost 4
years. I am a Pole Fitness and Floor/Chair Instructor. I took regular
dance classes for 14 years. I stopped dancing for a bit and then
discovered Pole dancing. Pole has become a dream come true for me and
it is a huge part of my life. I never thought I would be doing
something like this. I love the thrill of getting new spins and new
tricks. I love to perform and express myself through my routines!



Kim KerrI have been teaching pole for 3 years. With my certifications and my
11 years experience as a hairstylist have given me the tools to
understand the needs of all types of women. I love the diversity of
students that come to learn simple moves and they enjoy staying at a
beginner level. And I smile every time a student who is more advanced
sends me a picture of their new pole move that they have struggled so
hard to get. The thing that keeps me going is that there is always a
new challenge ahead!



BrennaAfter over a decade of karate earning her blackbelt when she was 16,
Brenna started pole dancing her sophomore year of college. In addition
to doing competitions and performances for pole, Brenna also
participates in aerial silks and ballet. Brenna has enjoyed all of the
people she has met through pole and hopes to continue doing
performances and competitions. After earning a Bachelor’s in Spanish
and psychology and earning her Master’s degree last May, Brenna works
as a teacher. One day, Brenna hopes to return to school to earn her
PhD so that she can teach college.




Helen Hayes aka Willow began poling in Sept of 2009 and it very quickly became a passion.  For her it has proven to be both great willowexercise and a much needed outlet for artistic expression as she is also the mother of 4 children.  After poling just 18 months she competed in the 2011 Ms Xpose Finals.  Even more than performing,  she enjoys being able to share her love of pole with others.  She recently started teaching for Chic Physique where her hope is to inspire others to push their limits and exceed their expectations.

kgeroCharm City Pole Show Performers